Anita Rochford

August 2, 2018

Patient: Jason Rochford

As good view people have contacted me via pm, I thought to write a post about my son’s gains. Initially I wanted to do it later but we see so many gains, no point to wait. Jason is 5 years old and we are 6 weeks post sct. We went to Bioss in Monterrey.

Anxiety: I think his biggest gain is in this area. He was very anxious, never talk to new kids or adults. Before sct, when children went close to him on the playground, he immediately stopped playing and went away and only looked at the children from far and waited until they were gone and he could use again for example the slide. He was particularly afraid of older children. 1 week post sct he played and talked to an older boy happily on a playground.

He started telling me his feeling, when he feels excited, happy, upset etc.

Before sct I always felt tension in his body when I hugged him, he put his hands on my chest and tried to push me away or just keep the distance. Now this is completely gone. Post sct at first he didn’t hug me back but he let me do it, but today first time in his life he hugged me so closely, that I actually started crying from happiness.

His fine and gross motor skill and balance have improved too. He just wrote me an invitation letter to his birthday. (He cannot read or write words yet, but he knows the letters 🙂 He will start school in September .)

He stopped winking with his eye. His eye contact has improved, not fully there yet but better.

He has speech appraxia, and although he was verbal, his speech is more fluent now.

Before sct he couldn’t move his tongue to the left or the right side or touch his palate. Now he can move it to the left side pretty well and a little bit to the right side too.

He is now able to sing songs roughly with the same speed the other kids sing. Before sct he was just whispering the songs but on the video (he is the tallest in blue) on his graduation he was confident to sing loudly.

His severe motion sickness is completely gone.

He also told me another day that “Mammy my head doesn’t sore anymore and I can speak easier.”

He has bigger appetite, although he is still fussy eater, he tried some new food.

I am over the moon with the improvements we have seen so far and hopeful to see more!
Thank you Bioss!

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