Monica Cuenca Ponce

August 2, 2018

Patient: Victor Rubio Cuenca

Just a little update, around one-month post SCT. We did it last 25 January.
Great lovely gains we are getting, but I want to be prudent.

1. First, he has gained 600 g . We have always a big big problem with his weight (15 kg for more than 1 year).
2. Second, he tries to emotionally blackmail everyone around him to get away with it.
3. Third, at school, an incredible increase related to communication skills, emotional behavior and social skills. More over, he works much better than before.
4. Fourth, at ABA THERAPY, lovely increase in eyes contact.

It seems to understand much better than before and his behavior is more ripe, mature…. I’m not sure how to explain

-Gain 3 kg of weight
-Functional and symbolic
-Lovely with the people who surround him
-Present and conscious
-Better understanding

I received a notification from school about more gains. He is more conscious, has more communication skills, and he began to use the communication panel … Before the therapy, these actions could not be possible.

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