Tara Deane

August 2, 2018

Patient: Eliana

I researched & spoke with staff/doctors at most of the popular choices. I ended up choosing Bioss Celulas Madres in Monterrey Mexico. Some of the reasons were; they always responded immediately to me with great knowledge & compassion, I never felt like they were trying to sell me something. I was able to use my daughters own stem cells, they increase the number of stem cells they can obtain by giving shit if GCSF, there are no maximums on the amount of cells that your child can receive, they are put back via intrathecal injection which I think allows them to go right to the brain, the procedure is done at a top notch university hospital (not clinic), everyone I spoke with that went there raved about their experience including great results, the procedure price was more affordable, flight was much shorter, Monterrey is a beautiful & safe area with lots to do. That was my reasoning for choosing them for my first trip at the end of June. I am going back in April because my daughter had amazing results & we were extremely happy with our experience. I would suggest you call the places you are interested & speak directly with them. I ruled some places out immediately just by doing that.

My daughter, Eliana, recently received stem cell therapy from Bioss Células Madre for autism. Our experience with them was amazing. I know many people were shocked when I said I was taking her to Mexico for treatment. When I myself first heard about it, I almost immediately ruled it out. However, after much research & speaking with the staff I had an entirely different opinion. I am so glad we chose them & feel Eliana received the best possible care she could throughout the process. They were compassionate & extremely knowledgeable, putting my fears at ease. Sylvia did an excellent job coordinating our trip & helping us get around while we were there. Monterrey was beautiful & we always felt safe. It has only been a week since the procedure so I can’t speak of any major changes yet but we are very hopeful.

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