Libby Lombardo

August 22, 2018

Patient: Isabella Lombardo

Video Testimonial of the Second Therapy (June 2019)

Testimony of the First Therapy (June 2018)

We are only 6 weeks post Stem Cell and we are lucky to have already seen TWO major improvements!!! You can see results all the way up to 6-12 months, with NO regression of gains!!  One exciting thing we want to share with you that happened the day after the treatment was her appetite went through the roof and it hasn’t stopped since, it has more than doubled (we actually heard this might happen after SC, but I wasn’t thinking of it) Watching this girl eat with her new found appetite, is thrilling we have desperately tried to help Isabella gain weight over the years, we tried everything and it’s been a struggle to say the least, she would take a long time to eat and was just not focused on her food, now this girl is hungry and eating in HALF the time and saying “More, more, more, please Mummy, I am hungry!” I am like an excited new chef planning her meals and love watching her EAT and enjoy her food! Everyday I feel more and more confident that the two years of research we put into the best kind of SC for our girl is paying off, we are holding tight and excited to see more results to come, but Joey and I said …. “If that was the ONLY result we gained we would do it all over again just for that! This is an incredible step forward for Isabella and she has already gained OVER 1 KILO and her whole body is starting to fill out and her legs have definitely gained strength. We can see this is going to give her the energy, nutrition and power she needs to live a good strong life and fight this challenge! Feeling blessed and thanks for all your support Team Isabella #startyourpossible @teamisabellalombardo

We are only 9 weeks post Stem Cell and Isabella is feeling mighty fierce and mighty strong, she has almost gained 2  kilos with her new improved desire to eat and her whole body is thriving. We are preparing to start a round of intense therapy soon and I am feeling incredibly grateful that we are seeing Isabella improve over time, because without pushing forward with SDR surgery and Stem Cell treatment we would be been looking at a whole different picture today!!!

9 weeks post Stem Cell at Bioss Células Madre and day 2 of intensive therapy with SDR FITNESS Wales and Isabella just broke a HUGE record of independently standing for 50 seconds (longest ever was 20) I knew she had gained so much strength these last weeks and BOOM just like that this girl proves it! Tears of joy as I watch this video tonight about 100 x over, joy for the future and to see Isabella just standing up like this fills me with hope and inspiration for the good choices we are making and how Isabella is of her achievements @teamisabellalombardo.

Wow do you know It’s been just on 3 months since Isabella’s bone marrow Stem Cell we had at Bioss Células Madre We wanted to celebrate this milestone and share what has been happening so far since the treatment… Firstly Isabella’s core strength has improved so much she is able to stand independently for around 80 sec (before was 20sec max) and because of this she took two independent steps! HUGE!!! Secondly she gained a healthy APPETITE and put on over 2 kilos (she had not gained weight for 3 years prior) Thirdly, Isabella suffered with TERRIBLE constipation, caused from weak internal muscles, anyone that has been through this knows how this affects your whole life, but we are THRILLED we have not had one bad incident yetthis is life changing and we are praying it continues! Lastly and incredibly the muscle tension (spasticity) in her arms is reduced and I believe this will keep improving over the months We where told we may see some initial improvements, but wait 3 months before you might start to see any results, so we are THRILLED! With results like this we are planning to return for treatment No. 2 ❤ When Isabella was a baby I never forget our Pediatrician wrote on a report “Isabella will fail to thrive!” Well we are sure proving them WRONG Please SHARE this to possibly help others.

Isabella is crawling for the FIRST TIME! This is a HUGE milestone achievement. She has only ever laid flat on the floor and tried to move along, we knew she had to crawl before she could walk, so we have been working very hard to accomplish this for many years! Crawling right on 3 months post Stem Cells! We all have happy tears!

Isabella is taking her FIRST steps in the pool, I was so excited I asked a stranger by the pool to take this video for me 😂 she continued to practice this for almost two hours! Such a miracle watching this and knowing how much she is improving after her SDR surgery, recent Stem Cells and therapy… one thing we know for SURE we are on the right path forward!Please SHARE our JOY! ❤

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