He keeps showing improvement, but most importantly these new skills are seeming to stick around, when in the past he would lose skills as quickly as they came.

As always, new things pop up or old things continue, but we still find our hope in His faithfulness and find strength in joy. #stemcells #isaackole #autism

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KayLeigh Brosh

Oklahoma, EE.UU.

Sylvia did an excellent job coordinating our trip & helping us get around while we were there. Monterrey was beautiful & we always felt safe. It has only been a week since the procedure so I can’t speak of any major changes yet but we are very hopeful.

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Tara Deane

North Carolina, EE.UU.

Hi all, on November 2nd my daughter got her 1st SCT in Monterrey, Mexico. I can’t say enough praise about the clinic, Bioss Celulas Madre, they’re very professional and caring. When I was introduced to Dr Ana Carolina, she’s really experienced, she’s a paediatric hematologist and she really put me at ease answering my questions and explaining it all. The procedure was done in a hospital.  Learn more

Renata Cliffe


His severe motion sickness is completely gone. He also told me another day that “Mammy my head doesn’t sore anymore and I can speak easier.” He has bigger appetite, although he is still fussy eater, he tried some new food. I am over the moon with the improvements we have seen so far and hopeful to see more!
Thank you Bioss!  Learn more

Anita Rochford


I received a notification from school about more gains. He is more conscious, has more communication skills, and he began to use the communication panel … Before the therapy, these actions could not be possible. Learn more

Monica Cuenca Ponce

Madrid, Spain.

We are so pleased with the results and the professional staff at Bioss Células Madre clinic. Most importantly we want to thank all of our family and friends for making this possible. Love Always, The Villa Family and my Inspiration and my Hero Jace💙#TeamJace ❤️  Learn more

Nancy Villa

California, EE.UU.

I would qualify my recovery after the treatment with a 7 and I would recommend without any doubts this therapy. I am preparing myself to do a second treatment next year. I honestly think for the results obtained in my case, the price for the treatment is relatively good. THANK YOU BIOSS.  Learn more

Rodolfo Mendoza Martínez

Mérida, México.
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