Libby Lombardo

Patient: Isabella Lombardo

Factors in choosing BIOSS:

– The Duke study published late last year used bone marrow cells, so we felt it was safe and we were using a treatment that consistent with positive outcomes shown in the study
– We spoke with Dr Caroline and went through a list of queastions, which I will post. That made us comfortable.
– We were promised the lab report…the cells are processed in an independent accredited lab using a flow cytometer and we would receive the histogram and the cell counts, which we have and will post
– The facility is hospital grade medical facility not just a clinic.
– We spoke to others on FB that had success.


– 3 days of stimulation where you get a needle to stimulate the production of bone marrow stem cells in your body
– 4th day they extract the bone marrow from your hip in the morning
– Goes to an independent accredited lab where it’s separated and counted using a flow cytometer
– Few hours later the stem cells are injected into the spinal fluid

Isabella received:

58 million Haematpoietic Stem Cell (bone marrow cells) CD 34 +

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