February 18, 2019 Testimonials

Patient: Guadalupe Pérez

Weeks before a 42-kilometer marathon I hurt my right knee and I thought I would not be able to keep running. Immediately I started to go with different doctors who applied me different types of treatments but nothing worked for me so I decided to get the PRP and it was the best decision that I could have ever made.

Within a week of the application, I returned to my long-run training and was able to finish the marathon without any pain or discomfort. After the PRP I have continued with my workouts and the pain has not returned. I recommend it 100%, I think the PRP should be the first option before trying another treatment.


August 22, 2018 Testimonials

Patient: Isabella Lombardo

Video Testimonial of the Second Therapy (June 2019)

Testimony of the First Therapy (June 2018)

We are only 6 weeks post Stem Cell and we are lucky to have already seen TWO major improvements!!! You can see results all the way up to 6-12 months, with NO regression of gains!!  One exciting thing we want to share with you that happened the day after the treatment was her appetite went through the roof and it hasn’t stopped since, it has more than doubled (we actually heard this might happen after SC, but I wasn’t thinking of it) Watching this girl eat with her new found appetite, is thrilling we have desperately tried to help Isabella gain weight over the years, we tried everything and it’s been a struggle to say the least, she would take a long time to eat and was just not focused on her food, now this girl is hungry and eating in HALF the time and saying “More, more, more, please Mummy, I am hungry!” I am like an excited new chef planning her meals and love watching her EAT and enjoy her food! Everyday I feel more and more confident that the two years of research we put into the best kind of SC for our girl is paying off, we are holding tight and excited to see more results to come, but Joey and I said …. “If that was the ONLY result we gained we would do it all over again just for that! This is an incredible step forward for Isabella and she has already gained OVER 1 KILO and her whole body is starting to fill out and her legs have definitely gained strength. We can see this is going to give her the energy, nutrition and power she needs to live a good strong life and fight this challenge! Feeling blessed and thanks for all your support Team Isabella #startyourpossible @teamisabellalombardo

We are only 9 weeks post Stem Cell and Isabella is feeling mighty fierce and mighty strong, she has almost gained 2  kilos with her new improved desire to eat and her whole body is thriving. We are preparing to start a round of intense therapy soon and I am feeling incredibly grateful that we are seeing Isabella improve over time, because without pushing forward with SDR surgery and Stem Cell treatment we would be been looking at a whole different picture today!!!

9 weeks post Stem Cell at Bioss Células Madre and day 2 of intensive therapy with SDR FITNESS Wales and Isabella just broke a HUGE record of independently standing for 50 seconds (longest ever was 20) I knew she had gained so much strength these last weeks and BOOM just like that this girl proves it! Tears of joy as I watch this video tonight about 100 x over, joy for the future and to see Isabella just standing up like this fills me with hope and inspiration for the good choices we are making and how Isabella is of her achievements @teamisabellalombardo.

Wow do you know It’s been just on 3 months since Isabella’s bone marrow Stem Cell we had at Bioss Células Madre We wanted to celebrate this milestone and share what has been happening so far since the treatment… Firstly Isabella’s core strength has improved so much she is able to stand independently for around 80 sec (before was 20sec max) and because of this she took two independent steps! HUGE!!! Secondly she gained a healthy APPETITE and put on over 2 kilos (she had not gained weight for 3 years prior) Thirdly, Isabella suffered with TERRIBLE constipation, caused from weak internal muscles, anyone that has been through this knows how this affects your whole life, but we are THRILLED we have not had one bad incident yetthis is life changing and we are praying it continues! Lastly and incredibly the muscle tension (spasticity) in her arms is reduced and I believe this will keep improving over the months We where told we may see some initial improvements, but wait 3 months before you might start to see any results, so we are THRILLED! With results like this we are planning to return for treatment No. 2 ❤ When Isabella was a baby I never forget our Pediatrician wrote on a report “Isabella will fail to thrive!” Well we are sure proving them WRONG Please SHARE this to possibly help others.

Isabella is crawling for the FIRST TIME! This is a HUGE milestone achievement. She has only ever laid flat on the floor and tried to move along, we knew she had to crawl before she could walk, so we have been working very hard to accomplish this for many years! Crawling right on 3 months post Stem Cells! We all have happy tears!

Isabella is taking her FIRST steps in the pool, I was so excited I asked a stranger by the pool to take this video for me 😂 she continued to practice this for almost two hours! Such a miracle watching this and knowing how much she is improving after her SDR surgery, recent Stem Cells and therapy… one thing we know for SURE we are on the right path forward!Please SHARE our JOY! ❤

August 2, 2018 Testimonials

Patient: Isaac

*Stem cell update* Its been 4 months since we’ve been back from Mexico and a month since my last update. I’m having such a hard time not sharing everyday because it seems like everyday it’s something new. I’ll try to keep it short and highlight the last month’s gains. His focus and attention just keeps getting better. He can zip and button his clothing independently and he is more independent all the way around. He is killing it in school, speech and OT. He is eating 2 new foods. The biggest thing and one thing I think proves there is so much healing going on in his little body is from about 3 on he stopped growing and gaining weight and slowly has slid down the growth chart. He’s been in the same size for the last 2.5 years. In June before cells at the doctor he was in the 9th percentile for height and 28th for weight. He went back to the doctor in Oct. And he grew a couple inches since then! He’s still on the lower end but is now in the 36th for height. I read in my research before we went that it was common for kids to grow after and I completely believe it was from SCT. He is having some gut issues right now that we are in the process of getting to the bottom of, but even then we are still so thankful for the continued progress he is making. ❤

I know it’s not time for another monthly update, but I can’t keep this goodie to myself. Isaac is being SO social and talking. We were at the store checking out and he looks at me and loudy says, PEE PEE proceeded by the potty dance. As we go in the restroom he says HI to everyone. At starbucks he waves and says HI to the barista and then sighs loudly when she doesn’t respond. We pull up to pick up his dinner and he ROLLS down his window to wave and say HI to the girl bringing him his pizza. My social little man!!

Stem cell update- Last week marked 5 months post cells and his progress just keeps growing. He is still making big progress with speech and OT. He has added another food into his life and is now up to 3 chores independently at home (feeding the dog, unloading groceries & packing his lunch). He also was able to attend his friend’s birthday this weekend and stay for the whole party. 🎉 The two videos below are from school. The first one is him writing (tracing) lowercase letters and the second is of him in PE with his gen ed class. He is able to complete task now without needing to be prompted constantly and reinforced. My fave is his friends cheering him on in PE. ❤️ We continue to praise God. Isaac’s new phrase is, “Jesus loves me” -he sure does, buddy.

*Stem Cell update* 6 months- Since last months update he has continued with amazing gains. This Christmas was the best one yet. He enjoyed being around everyone and opening presents. He has struggled with learning body parts which comes easy for most kids. Its been a speech goal for YEARS and this past month he can point to his body parts when asked!!! His speech is continuing to improve. He is initiating speech which has been a big struggle. He loves to point out the window and label all the animals he sees. He is starting to speak more in front of other people too. At school during their morning meeting after break the kids were asked to say what they recieved for Christmas & he used his voice to answer with cars. This past week he has started to whisper Momma when he wants my attention. He hasn’t called me Mom in 5 1/2 years, so that whispered little voice is the best sound EVER. ❤ He keeps showing improvement, but most importantly these new skills are seeming to stick around, when in the past he would lose skills as quickly as they came. As always, new things pop up or old things continue, but we still find our hope in His faithfulness and find strength in joy. #stemcells #isaackole #autism

August 2, 2018 Testimonials

Patient: Eliana

I researched & spoke with staff/doctors at most of the popular choices. I ended up choosing Bioss Celulas Madres in Monterrey Mexico. Some of the reasons were; they always responded immediately to me with great knowledge & compassion, I never felt like they were trying to sell me something. I was able to use my daughters own stem cells, they increase the number of stem cells they can obtain by giving shit if GCSF, there are no maximums on the amount of cells that your child can receive, they are put back via intrathecal injection which I think allows them to go right to the brain, the procedure is done at a top notch university hospital (not clinic), everyone I spoke with that went there raved about their experience including great results, the procedure price was more affordable, flight was much shorter, Monterrey is a beautiful & safe area with lots to do. That was my reasoning for choosing them for my first trip at the end of June. I am going back in April because my daughter had amazing results & we were extremely happy with our experience. I would suggest you call the places you are interested & speak directly with them. I ruled some places out immediately just by doing that.

My daughter, Eliana, recently received stem cell therapy from Bioss Células Madre for autism. Our experience with them was amazing. I know many people were shocked when I said I was taking her to Mexico for treatment. When I myself first heard about it, I almost immediately ruled it out. However, after much research & speaking with the staff I had an entirely different opinion. I am so glad we chose them & feel Eliana received the best possible care she could throughout the process. They were compassionate & extremely knowledgeable, putting my fears at ease. Sylvia did an excellent job coordinating our trip & helping us get around while we were there. Monterrey was beautiful & we always felt safe. It has only been a week since the procedure so I can’t speak of any major changes yet but we are very hopeful.

August 2, 2018 Testimonials

Patient: Nicole

Hi all, on November 2nd my daughter got her 1st SCT in Monterrey, Mexico. I can’t say enough praise about the clinic, Bioss Celulas Madre, they’re very professional and caring. When I was introduced to Dr Ana Carolina, she’s really experienced, she’s a paediatric hematologist and she really put me at ease answering my questions and explaining it all. The procedure was done in a hospital. This video was only 30 mins after she woke up for the first sedation (sevofluoren). Although drs warned me about the normal reactions she was more likely to have after the procedure, she only had a low fever for 2 days and despite that she was in really good mood. Five days later we go home and as she sees her brother at the airport she hugs him and says “I missed you so much” ❤ I was in shock because although she is verbal she needs to be prompted to greet people, to say thank you or sorry, etc, etc… And specially when it comes to her brother 😆 I was floored because she never used the word miss before, I didn’t even know she knew what that meant!
Well, it is early days and I’ll keep you updated as the months go by… Because obviously I’ll be watching her like a hawk 😳… I’m really praying for gains!!!!!
FYI: My daughter is 9yo diagnosed with ASD, SPD, OCD and ID.

Nicole’s 6 month post SCT update

My 10 yo DD got her 1st SCT in Nov/17 at Bioss Monterrey. Not much happened for the 1st 3 months. She got the flu only 1 month after the procedure so I put her lack of gains down to it. Around 4 months post SCT she started to show some progress, it has been slow but steady and now it’s coming in waves. We celebrated her birthday a month a go and she’d never had so much fun!!!

SPEECH: She is talking in sentences with more confidence. She’s now able to have a small chat. Although she still scripts and uses a lot of echolalia when not busy, if engaged she tends to stay on topic.

AWARENESS: For the last month especially she’s become quite aware of her surroundings saying things like “look at that dog” or “I see lots of colours”. She’s more aware of consequences for her actions, if she really wants something she’ll be extra good to get it.

SENSORY: She’s more relaxed doesn’t need to be jumping all the time and her body is not so tensed up / rigid. I can brush her hair and style it and also use a hairdryer.

EMPATHY: She’s paying more attention to people’s emotions and empathising, if anyone at home is upset she’d say “calm down” or “it’s ok”. She’s commenting on her own moods too but still struggles to explain why.
SELF HELP: She dresses herself fully now, any kind of clothes, uniform, tights, zippers, buttons.  She learned how to clean herself in the toilet after #1 & #2, folds toilet paper properly. Starting to learn how to shower, brush hair & teeth herself.

LEARNING ABILITY: Academically she’s very behind her peers, but recently she started to understand her homework and she’s actually learning and her writing, spelling and maths skills are improving.

PLAY: Pretend play is in full swing, feeding her dolls with a pen pretending it’s a bottle, different voices for different dolls, pretending to be animals and phone calls with a banana.

I’m very happy and hopeful for the gains to continue. We will definitely go back for another SCT.

August 2, 2018 Testimonials

Patient: Victor Rubio Cuenca

Just a little update, around one-month post SCT. We did it last 25 January.
Great lovely gains we are getting, but I want to be prudent.

1. First, he has gained 600 g . We have always a big big problem with his weight (15 kg for more than 1 year).
2. Second, he tries to emotionally blackmail everyone around him to get away with it.
3. Third, at school, an incredible increase related to communication skills, emotional behavior and social skills. More over, he works much better than before.
4. Fourth, at ABA THERAPY, lovely increase in eyes contact.

It seems to understand much better than before and his behavior is more ripe, mature…. I’m not sure how to explain

-Gain 3 kg of weight
-Functional and symbolic
-Lovely with the people who surround him
-Present and conscious
-Better understanding

I received a notification from school about more gains. He is more conscious, has more communication skills, and he began to use the communication panel … Before the therapy, these actions could not be possible.

August 2, 2018 Testimonials

Patient: Jace

We wanted to share Jace’s lab results that just came in. According to the report they extracted 54,450,000(Million) cells. The doctor also indicated a child on average normally extracts around 20,000,000 (million) so Jace duplicated that 👏🏻🙌🏻. However, what was more impressive was that they were able to inject him with 98.5% live cells. So far Jace has been a little more verbal and completeing some sentences. The doctor also mentioned to look for changes in the next 6 months. We are so pleased with the results and the professional staff at Bioss Células Madre clinic. Most importantly we want to thank all of our family and friends for making this possible. Love Always, The Villa Family and my Inspiration and my Hero Jace💙#TeamJace ❤

August 2, 2018 Testimonials

Patient: Rodolfo Mendoza Martínez

3 years ago I was detected with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and “there was no cure for this disease”. The doctors who treated me only gave me bronco inhalers and some medication to heal the damage caused by the cigar. I make some research on the internet and found this treatment.

I reviewed everything about this therapy, and it was the only option that gave me confidence. I can assure you that it was the best decision I could make.

I have seen enormous changes in my health, especially in my respiratory capacity. I stop using bronco inhalers and I was able to open my lungs again.

Only when you can´t do it, you will understand. I have improved in my glucose levels since I am diabetic and the problems of colitis that I suffered disappeared.

The attention of the receptionists and the nursing staff was very attentive and very professional. In the case of the receptionists, every time I went, I was treated in a way that made me feel very comfortable. Their nurses, are well trained staff and provided me careful attention. Thanks to all the medical staff, all are very professionals, and people very committed to their work.

Regarding the information, I received prior to treatment, I can assure you that I have no doubt about the treatment. The follow-up after the treatment was very good done, and the doctor was very attentive to all of my symptoms.I would qualify my recovery after the treatment with a 7 and I would recommend without any doubts this therapy. I am preparing myself to do a second treatment next year.

I honestly think for the results obtained in my case, the price for the treatment is relatively good.


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