Kayleigh Brosh

August 2, 2018

Patient: Isaac

*Stem cell update* Its been 4 months since we’ve been back from Mexico and a month since my last update. I’m having such a hard time not sharing everyday because it seems like everyday it’s something new. I’ll try to keep it short and highlight the last month’s gains. His focus and attention just keeps getting better. He can zip and button his clothing independently and he is more independent all the way around. He is killing it in school, speech and OT. He is eating 2 new foods. The biggest thing and one thing I think proves there is so much healing going on in his little body is from about 3 on he stopped growing and gaining weight and slowly has slid down the growth chart. He’s been in the same size for the last 2.5 years. In June before cells at the doctor he was in the 9th percentile for height and 28th for weight. He went back to the doctor in Oct. And he grew a couple inches since then! He’s still on the lower end but is now in the 36th for height. I read in my research before we went that it was common for kids to grow after and I completely believe it was from SCT. He is having some gut issues right now that we are in the process of getting to the bottom of, but even then we are still so thankful for the continued progress he is making. ❤

I know it’s not time for another monthly update, but I can’t keep this goodie to myself. Isaac is being SO social and talking. We were at the store checking out and he looks at me and loudy says, PEE PEE proceeded by the potty dance. As we go in the restroom he says HI to everyone. At starbucks he waves and says HI to the barista and then sighs loudly when she doesn’t respond. We pull up to pick up his dinner and he ROLLS down his window to wave and say HI to the girl bringing him his pizza. My social little man!!

Stem cell update- Last week marked 5 months post cells and his progress just keeps growing. He is still making big progress with speech and OT. He has added another food into his life and is now up to 3 chores independently at home (feeding the dog, unloading groceries & packing his lunch). He also was able to attend his friend’s birthday this weekend and stay for the whole party. 🎉 The two videos below are from school. The first one is him writing (tracing) lowercase letters and the second is of him in PE with his gen ed class. He is able to complete task now without needing to be prompted constantly and reinforced. My fave is his friends cheering him on in PE. ❤️ We continue to praise God. Isaac’s new phrase is, “Jesus loves me” -he sure does, buddy.

*Stem Cell update* 6 months- Since last months update he has continued with amazing gains. This Christmas was the best one yet. He enjoyed being around everyone and opening presents. He has struggled with learning body parts which comes easy for most kids. Its been a speech goal for YEARS and this past month he can point to his body parts when asked!!! His speech is continuing to improve. He is initiating speech which has been a big struggle. He loves to point out the window and label all the animals he sees. He is starting to speak more in front of other people too. At school during their morning meeting after break the kids were asked to say what they recieved for Christmas & he used his voice to answer with cars. This past week he has started to whisper Momma when he wants my attention. He hasn’t called me Mom in 5 1/2 years, so that whispered little voice is the best sound EVER. ❤ He keeps showing improvement, but most importantly these new skills are seeming to stick around, when in the past he would lose skills as quickly as they came. As always, new things pop up or old things continue, but we still find our hope in His faithfulness and find strength in joy. #stemcells #isaackole #autism

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