Renata Cliffe

August 2, 2018

Patient: Nicole

Hi all, on November 2nd my daughter got her 1st SCT in Monterrey, Mexico. I can’t say enough praise about the clinic, Bioss Celulas Madre, they’re very professional and caring. When I was introduced to Dr Ana Carolina, she’s really experienced, she’s a paediatric hematologist and she really put me at ease answering my questions and explaining it all. The procedure was done in a hospital. This video was only 30 mins after she woke up for the first sedation (sevofluoren). Although drs warned me about the normal reactions she was more likely to have after the procedure, she only had a low fever for 2 days and despite that she was in really good mood. Five days later we go home and as she sees her brother at the airport she hugs him and says “I missed you so much” ❤ I was in shock because although she is verbal she needs to be prompted to greet people, to say thank you or sorry, etc, etc… And specially when it comes to her brother 😆 I was floored because she never used the word miss before, I didn’t even know she knew what that meant!
Well, it is early days and I’ll keep you updated as the months go by… Because obviously I’ll be watching her like a hawk 😳… I’m really praying for gains!!!!!
FYI: My daughter is 9yo diagnosed with ASD, SPD, OCD and ID.

Nicole’s 6 month post SCT update

My 10 yo DD got her 1st SCT in Nov/17 at Bioss Monterrey. Not much happened for the 1st 3 months. She got the flu only 1 month after the procedure so I put her lack of gains down to it. Around 4 months post SCT she started to show some progress, it has been slow but steady and now it’s coming in waves. We celebrated her birthday a month a go and she’d never had so much fun!!!

SPEECH: She is talking in sentences with more confidence. She’s now able to have a small chat. Although she still scripts and uses a lot of echolalia when not busy, if engaged she tends to stay on topic.

AWARENESS: For the last month especially she’s become quite aware of her surroundings saying things like “look at that dog” or “I see lots of colours”. She’s more aware of consequences for her actions, if she really wants something she’ll be extra good to get it.

SENSORY: She’s more relaxed doesn’t need to be jumping all the time and her body is not so tensed up / rigid. I can brush her hair and style it and also use a hairdryer.

EMPATHY: She’s paying more attention to people’s emotions and empathising, if anyone at home is upset she’d say “calm down” or “it’s ok”. She’s commenting on her own moods too but still struggles to explain why.
SELF HELP: She dresses herself fully now, any kind of clothes, uniform, tights, zippers, buttons.  She learned how to clean herself in the toilet after #1 & #2, folds toilet paper properly. Starting to learn how to shower, brush hair & teeth herself.

LEARNING ABILITY: Academically she’s very behind her peers, but recently she started to understand her homework and she’s actually learning and her writing, spelling and maths skills are improving.

PLAY: Pretend play is in full swing, feeding her dolls with a pen pretending it’s a bottle, different voices for different dolls, pretending to be animals and phone calls with a banana.

I’m very happy and hopeful for the gains to continue. We will definitely go back for another SCT.

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